Internet Marketing

Growing your business online can be broken down to roughly 4 categories. A strong “web presence” as we like to call it, is built upon consumer trust and social proof. Building social proof and trust in your company online can be done through the following 4 steps which we will discuss in further detail below:

  • Personalized Website
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Search Engine Listings
  • Local Business Listings (product companies) / Trusted Web Listings (service companies)

Personalized Website

When a potential customer looks up your company online one of the first things, they expect to see is a website, without this they often quickly move on to the next company which catches their eye. Some businesses have a Facebook, Yelp, or business listing page and think this is sufficient but it makes the company look smaller and therefore less trustworthy than if they had all the online aspects that large companies would have.

If you want a small one or two page site we can design get it started for as little as $299. For additional pages, shopping carts, blogs, and photo galleries we will work with you to come to a price both parties are happy with, that result in you having a quality product and price we can both be proud of.

Social Media Accounts

Having company social media accounts is a great way to market to people on apps they already spend hours a day looking through. The more platforms people can find your company on the more likely they are to trust your company and use your product or service. We help you set up social media accounts and even make weekly postings and respond to customers growing your businesses reach and influence.

We can set up all your social media accounts and create a consistent look across all platforms for a small set up fee. We also will create and manage social media ad campaigns, make weekly posts, and respond to customers for a monthly fee of $125.

Search Engine Listings (SEO)

When someone is looking for a product or service, they often search the web with what we call keywords to find companies that provide what they need. If your company shows up on the first page or two of the results it can be a spectacular way to reach potential clients. This is on the most effective and difficult ways to increase your sales online because they are already looking for the exact product/service which you offer! We strive to help you show up on the first page or two of search engines by using specific keywords and managing paid advertising accounts such as Google AdWords which can guarantee your advertising certain spots on the page depending on your marketing budget.

We will edit your website and database content to use the keywords which are most beneficial to your business. Our goal is to increase your page rank and show your website to as many people as possible by raising your website link higher on search engine results. This serivice is $89 a month. We will create manage google adwords for $79 a month.

Local Business Listings

If you have a brick-and-mortar business listing your company on google and other search engine maps is a great way to attract customers. Especially those using mobile devices to search for products. Setting up these local listings is something we highly recommend and can be a great asset to your company.

Setting up your local business listings is a one time fee of $49 per platform which you desire to use.

Trusted Web Listings

If you offer a service and don’t have a building or office, you can set up listings on the web which provide descriptions and information about your business on popular websites which people use to find the services they need. Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo etc. for example are a few of many web databases on which your business can be listed to increase your web presence.