Responsive, Mobile friendly Web Design

mobile website development

Web traffic from mobile devices like smart phones and pads is exhibiting explosive growth. Over 50% of internet usage is coming from mobile devices. The importance of resonsive website development is growing everyday.

With over 275 million smart phone users in the U.S., The Mobile Web represents billions of dollars in consumer spending. Mobile devices also contribute to a new category of internet knowledge, GPS data. Search engines like Google use this knowledge to direct mobile web searchers to businesses near their locations. Mobile users are not merely people who might view your website. These are people on the go, actively seeking the things your business provides. By obtaining immediate information about your business location from Google, they could be visiting your place of business in a matter of minutes.

Smart phone users browse the web on tiny 4” smart phone displays, instead of 15” laptop displays and large desktop monitors. Our responsive websites are mobile friendly, functioning extremely well on mobile devices, because their graphical structure changes and adjusts to smaller screens. Text is easier to see and read, and navigation is easier and more intuitive. As a result, “responsive” web design insures a more useful and satisfying browsing experience for mobile site visitors. Our adaptable web designs look just as good and perform just as well on desktop monitors as they do on phone displays.