SEO and Your Business 101

Published by Brighthouse on March 1st, 2013 - in Online Advertising and SEO

SEO and Your Business 101
Strengthening SEO tactics is one of the sure-fire ways to succeed in an online business. After all, 2011 and 2012 have seen some rather dramatic changes in terms of rating online content. Therefore, if a company is to become relevant in the online world, there are a few key components that need to be followed at all times in order to succeed. For a good example of a solid SEO and social media blend, visit Afghan Wireless on Facebook for a good look at how these two integrate smoothly to create a strong online campaign.

1.) Stay Educated
Whether it’s about working with SEO and social media or whether it’s about basic SEO tactics, it’s important to note that one needs to keep his or her skills well-polished and up-to-date. The online world is constantly changing, therefore staying informed becomes a key component of the entire strategy. Being afraid of change just doesn’t work in this industry.

2.) SEO and SEM Combined In Finding Writing Topics

Quality SEO is directly connected to proper content. Or vice-versa. Top searches of the day might help build better content – or more relevant content for that matter. It’s important to be out there, to offer what the market is asking for, and to push your business through these particular channels to obtain a certain market status. Important keywords and trending topics can easily be mapped using Google alerts. While daily updates might seem a bit tiring, weekly updates are certainly something that should be part of the system.

3.) Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
Most often, companies and marketers focus solely on keywords as their main SEO campaign. But here’s the thing – after Google understood the idea behind content farms, the Internet suffered a certain change. It’s not only about the keywords – it’s about how marketers pick their keywords, how they deliver them, the quality of their content and the amount of research they put in. In other words – the web is about quality content nowadays. Content for the sake of content doesn’t do it anymore, and it’s a good thing it happened this way.

4.) Using Media Tool
Facebook, Twitter, blogs – all these can be wonderful media channels for SEO strategies. However, they need to be used only if appropriate for a certain niche. There are dozens of social media methods to market one company – but only a bunch of them will actually work for that company’s success. There will be a couple that will simply be useless.

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